logr 1.3.3 2022-09-06

  • Fixed bug when passing full path and logdir parameter was TRUE.
  • Updated logo.

logr 1.3.2 2022-08-05

  • Added option to turn off traceback if desired.
  • Added log_close() to error handling function so that the log will now close when an error is encountered.
  • Fixed bug which gave an error on some operating systems when clearing warnings.

logr 1.3.1 2022-06-21

  • Added compact option to log_open to remove unnecessary blank lines. Also added global option “logr.compact” for same functionality.

logr 1.3.0 2022-04-22

  • Fixed bug in elapsed time in notes.

logr 1.2.9 2022-03-08

logr 1.2.8 2022-01-14

  • Fixed bug in elapsed time in log footer.

logr 1.2.7 2021-11-16

  • Use current script path and name for log file name if not supplied by user.
  • Added attached base packages and other packages to log header.
  • Added FAQ page to documentation site.
  • Added Complete Example vignette.

logr 1.2.6 2021-10-04

  • Added covr and codecov
  • Removed extraneous color codes from log by adding stripping function to log_close().
  • Added program path to log header. Can now get this using this.path().
  • Added log_code() function to dump code to the log.

logr 1.2.5 2021-07-30

  • Added log_path() function to return the path to the log.
  • Added log_status() function to return the status of the log.
  • Added support for Unicode characters on Windows.

logr 1.2.4 2021-06-16

  • Added github action checks for 4 previous versions of R.

logr 1.2.3 2021-05-15

  • Fixed printing of crayon color codes into log.

logr 1.2.1 2021-01-06

  • Incorporated tidylog directly into the logr package. Can be turned on using the ‘autolog’ parameter of log_open(), or by setting the global option ‘logr.autolog’.
  • Added log_hook() function to allow other packages to call into logr.
  • Added pkgdown site.

logr 1.1.1 2020-10-10

  • Added NEWS file.

logr 1.1.0 2020-08-10

  • Added put() function as an alias to log_print().
  • Added sep() function to create a log separator. This make the log better organized and easier to read
  • Fixed bug to clear any existing errors/warnings on log_open

logr 1.0.5 2020-07-07

  • Fixed bug when printing tibbles to the log.

logr 1.0.4 2020-07-04

  • Fixed bug when printing objects with multiple classes.

logr 1.0.3 2020-07-01