A function to send the program/script code to the currently opened log. The log must be opened first with log_open. Code will be prefixed with a right arrow (">") to differentiate it from standard logging lines. The log_code function may be called from anywhere within the program. Code will be inserted into the log at the point where it is called. The log_code function will log the code as it is saved on disk. It will not capture any unsaved changes in the editor. If the current program file cannot be found, the function will return FALSE and no code will be written.



A TRUE or FALSE value to indicate success or failure of the function.

See also

log_open to open the log, and log_close to close the log.


# Create temp file location
tmp <- file.path(tempdir(), "test.log")

# Open log
lf <- log_open(tmp)

# Write code to the log

# Send message to log
log_print("High Mileage Cars Subset")

# Perform operations
hmc <- subset(mtcars, mtcars$mpg > 20)

# Print data to log

# Close log

# View results